Stinky Bins - Garbage bin placement.

Owners Corporation
Wheelie Bin Placement Service

Wheelie bin placement from only $8.80
  • Solve your Owners Corporation bin problems!
  • Don’t struggle with
    heavy or dirty bins!

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P O Box 498, Pakenham VIC 3810

03 5940 0724
0418 586 078
14 803 025 016

How much are you paying for garbage bin placement services?

Per property visit, not per bin!

With the option of bins out/bins in/or both

  • Servicing Owners Corporate properties for 40 years
  • 365 days per year!
  • Family owned and operated business
  • Service guaranteed
  • Fully insured

Why pay more for garbage bin placement

Stinky Bins - Bin Placement services in Pakenham, Victoria and surrounding areas.